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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Commercial, Industrial and School Energy Audits

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Energy auditing is an essential step towards implementing a successful Energy Management Program and reducing your energy costs.

Audits are also often a requirement for government funding and incentive schemes, and Enhars audit reports have been used successfully to achieve grant success. Enhar conducts all levels of energy auditing in accordance with the prescribed Australian Standard - 3598:2000.

Level 1 Energy Audit

Level 1 Energy Audit is a desktop study based on data supplied by the client. The audit provides a basic overview of the energy consumption at the site and includes general recommendations about improving energy usage. The audit includes:

  • Assessment of annual energy consumption (gas and electricity) and annual cost of the site's energy demand
  • Analyse site interval and electricity bill data to establish energy consumption behaviour and overall site energy efficiency
  • Setting of performance indicators for internal benchmarking and comparison with industry norms
  • Broad indication of potential energy efficiency measures based on consultation with site staff.
  • A report that includes key findings and broad recommendations.

Level 2 Energy Audit

A Level 2 Energy Audit provides a more detailed summary of the energy consuming processes that occur at a site along with a financial case for the recommendations proposed. In addition a Level 1 audit, a Level 2 audit includes the following:

  • On site visit where Enhar will inspect building fabric, type and usage patterns as well as monitor selected items of plant.
  • Reconciliation of billed energy consumption with the site's operations and processes
  • Recommended energy efficiency measures including capital works and general management options ranked according to their projected financial return.
  • A report that presents all key findings and recommendations.

Level 3 Energy Audit

A Level 3 Audit goes beyond a Level 2 Audit by requiring a more precise level of energy consumption monitoring and a more involved economic analysis of the recommended measures. This level of audit often forms the justification for substantial investment into a specific site upgrade.

Our audits are high quality and detailed, allowing you to take the next steps to reduce energy usage. Contact us to find out more.

For an example of an Energy energy audit for a large School and client testimonial, see our client portfolio page.

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