New Grant Funding program launched for Business, Communities and Local Government

Oct 02, 2014
New Grant Funding program launched for Business, Communities and Local Government
An exciting new funding program has just been launched by Sustainability Victoria.  The "Community Sustainability Infrastructure Fund" is now open to support Victorian community groups, local government and Victorian businesses to achieve local sustainability goals. Enhar will be  assisting businesses and communities to plan projects and successfully win grant funding. Victorian Businesses of any size are eligible to apply for 33% funding towards Energy efficiency improvements such as:
  • optimisation of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems
  • lighting efficiency upgrades, timers and sensors
  • compressed air leakage/pressure reductions
  • upgrades or replacement of refrigeration or boilers
  • installation of high efficiency variable speed drives.
There is no formal cap on the funding amount per project, the guidance states 'small to moderate scale infrastructure projects' . Funding is available until the allocation is spent. At this stage there is no public information abut the total budget for this program. 'First in best dressed' applies so Enhar advises applicants to submit proposals ASAP, before caretaker mode commences. CSIF_contribution_table Community groups, non profits and Schools can apply for 50% Grants of up to $50,000 to buy, install, commission or upgrade equipment or infrastructure to improve the sustainable energy performance (supply and efficiency) of community infrastructure.  Energy efficiency upgrades to community buildings and Renewable energy projects for community buildings, including solar are eligible. Local Governments can also apply for funding to investigate, develop and implement infrastructure projects that facilitate resource efficiency, including energy efficiency, biogas and more. For more information about this exciting scheme:  Call Enhar on 03 9429 9463 or email demian at Check out our Grant Winning Services. Links: