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Industrial Energy Users: Sustainable Energy Opportunities


Highlights from our Industrial Client Capabilty Statement:

If your business operates heavy machinery and processing requiring significant amounts of power, your electrical power and fuel bills are a significant annual cost for you.

You’ll be keen to protect yourself both against power price fluctuations, grid outage downtime and also from increasing electricity and fuel costs. Future carbon pricing throughout Australia, will result in an increased price for standard ‘brown’ electricity from the grid in coming years. Carbon pricing brings opportunities as well as costs, such as opportunities to receive support for your operation through the emerging Clean Energy Fund announced in 2011.

Beyond the economic factors, you may also wish to achieve environmental goals, such as offsetting your carbon greenhouse gas emissions firstly through efficiency measures and secondly through use of renewable energy.

These factors may have already led you to investigate options for on-site power generation through renewable means, and efficiency improvements to reduce consumption. We welcome the opportunity to assist you to achieve your goals.

Enhar is a sustainable energy consultancy firm offering services including:

• Renewable energy generation feasibility studies for industrial clients including solar and wind technologies as well as energy recovery.
• Assistance in obtaining planning permits for renewable energy installations including wind turbines
• Confirming your resource through wind monitoring and solar resource assessments
• Energy auditing of your annual bills, recommendation of efficiency measures with specified payback periods, based on actual implementation prices
• Due diligence for larger projects and project partner negotiations

On-site wind energy generation for major energy users and industrial estate owners

On-site wind energy generation for major energy users and industrial estate owners such as cement, steel or aluminium manufacturing, is a particular strength of Enhar.  Browse our wind energy service pages if you are considering a wind generator at your site.

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