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Our Clients

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Solar and Wind Feasibiltity Projects

Our clients include Melbourne Water - Eastern Tertiary Alliance, for whom we investigated solar and wind systems suitable for a recently upgraded water treatment works.

Micro Wind and Urban Renewable Energy Project Experience

Rooftop wind monitoring, turbine options design and contractor tendering for Department of Human Services, Victoria

Monitoring wind resources at City of Port Phillip

Business Development for a Micro-renewables Market Firm

Enhar assisted with market studies and business case work to assist in the growth of a micro-renewables business. This included an in-depth examination of the UK (and European) markets for solar thermal, solar PV, micro wind, heat pumps and wood heating. For the same client, a feasibility study was completed for the implementation of biomass heating and ground sourced heat pump at a boarding School building.

Wind Farm Project Experience

We have supplied our wind farm database maps of Victoria and New South Wales to developers including Roaring40s as well as government departments including Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Department of Planning Victoria.

Site Finding and Acquisition: Wind farms

Enhar has provided site acquisition and negotiation serrvice for Australian wind farm developers. In Victoria and New South Wales, we have visited sites and developed agreements between landowners and our clients. The site sizes range from 5MW to 300MW potential capacity.

Expert Witness

Enhar have supplied an independent report in relation to a case in which the performance of a wind energy installation was under dispute. We are pleased to say the case has now been resolved.

Quality systems development for major renewable projects owner

Enhar has been contracted to undertake Quality Engineering and develop Quality Systems for a major firm in Australia who are constructing a wind farm project of 100+ turbines. Enhar provided quality management within the three major construction phases of civil, electrical and turbines installation.

Wind Farm Construction management

The project was a 72MW wind farm in central Scotland. The site was open heathland with high rainfall and areas of deep peat. Enhar was contracted by the Principal Contractor to provide project management assistance for the completion and handover of the civil works.

Marine Energy Project Experience

Assessment of CETUS - an innovative marine energy product

Energy Auditing Project Experience

Energy audit for Girton Grammar School, Bendigo

Ronson Gears; energy savings for an industrial workshop in Melbourne.