60kW solar project complete on time at ‘Ghost Gully’ lettuce growers in QLD

8 Jul

Enhar are proud to say we assisted this project to gain federal funding. 60.5kW of Tindo Karra-250 AC Solar Panels have just been commissioned at Ghost Gully’s site. Enhar completed an energy audit and grant application for this mixed salad production business where energy is required for pumping and lighting round the clock. The solar PV installation was part funded through the Clean Technology Investment Program and Enhar assisted throughout the grant process by producing the right paperwork for both the government and the business.  Tindo Solar provided and installed Australian made solar panels, which were installed and commissioned bang on schedule.

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60kW solar array - With grant funding arranged by Enhar

60kW solar array – With grant funding arranged by Enhar

Funding such as the CTIP program has helped many manufacturers install solar already. Even though the CTIP grant scheme is now closed,  businesses are increasingly installing solar even without grant assistance. Financing packages and ongoing reduction in solar costs have made it easier for Australian businesses to justify investing in solar. In the best cases,  businesses can enjoy solar without any capital cost and enjoy saving on energy bills from Day 1.  An Enhar solar feasibility study is a good way to confirm the solar opportunity at your site.