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Bendigo Council Energy Strategy

Bendigo Council Energy Strategy
  • Project: Energy Strategy to achieve emissions reduction for regional Council


Enhar supported Bendigo City with their strategic planning regarding energy and emissions. Bendigo set these goals for themselves which set the broad strategic context for this review:

  • 100% renewable energy by 2036;
  • Zero net carbon emissions by 2036;
  • 50% emission reduction target by June 2020.

Enhar's engagement by Bendigo followed numerous earlier assignements for Bendigo Council over the past five years on solar, efficiency and microgrids.

Project Details

The delivery of this project was a report in three main sections:

  • Energy review.  This reviewed Council's existing energy use (electricity and gas).  In this project, transport energy was out of scope. In considering electricity and gas consumption, a high-level view of sites was formed in regards to both consumption and tariffs. This helps identify sites most in need of attention. This section also looked at existing solar PV as well as a high-level view of the opportunity for more solar in Bendigo.  
  • Near-term target and pathways. This section focussed on priority issues, particularly with respect to achieving the 2020 emissions-reduction target. It also looked into options open to Council for improving the way they manage their energy portfolio.
  • Long-term target and pathways. This section looked more strategically at energy issues, particularly through the lens of Council's 2036 emissions and renewables targets. This identified the existing use of natural gas as a key strategic problem.  This section looked at the key technologies to focus on in the medium to long term, as well as the macro trends in energy costs. 
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