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SKM Industries

SKM Industries
  • Project: Level 2 Energy efficiency Audit for a major recycling business

SKM is a major recycling business in northern Melbourne, processing recyclable waste from a huge portion of Melbourne.  The facility includes state of the art screening and sorting equipment, processing mixed recyclable waste into products including paper, cardboard, glass and metals. The linked facility Glass Recovery Services processes the glass materials into a range of colours and grains.

A Level 2 energy audit by Enhar was commissioned to identify means of reducing energy wastage in the processes of the site, and to identify new technologies. The task for Enhar was to identify cost effective ways of saving energy which were both effective and feasible for the facility. 

Our energy audit report identified a number of measures to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.  Energy saving improvements to baling systems which increase productivity were identified, as well as a range of solutions in lighting, voltage optimisation and variable speed drives for motors.


The assessment project was co-funded through the Smarter Resources Smarter Business program by Sustainability Victoria.

The project was  

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