Barfell Industries

Project:Energy Audit and Grant Application for Hose Manufacturer
Client Barfell Industries

Barfell manufacture over 90% of hose sold in Australia. Enhar was commissioned to assist prepare a Clean Technology Grant Application for the plant to replace an ageing air compressor and investigate other energy saving opportunities.

Enhar conducted an energy audit of the site and identified the carbon savings and energy reduction in the production process arising from installation of the energy efficient variable speed compressor. Enhar also incorporated energy savings from air leak detection and repair and thermal insulation of chilled water pipework as well as other measures. Enhar prepared the grant application aiming to obtain government funding matching Barfell's investment 1 for 1, seeking $36,000 of grant funds towards a project total cost of $72,000.

The grant was confirmed. All measures are installed and Barfells are seeing significant reductions in energy usage and costs per unit of product.

Through Enhars energy audit and assistance, Barfell are currently applying for a Victorian Government grant to upgrade the chilled water system.

Energy audit for Barfell Industries

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