SunAce Australia

Project:SRSB Capital Funding Grant for compressor upgrade and voltage optimiser
Client SunAce Australia

SunAce is a leading polymer additive manufacturer in Australia. They produce an extensive range of PVC stabilisers and metallic stearates.

SunAce has commissioned two major energy audits in 2009 and 2011 to investigate low cost and effective measures for reducing energy consumption. Two of the major capital works projects recommended from these audits was a voltage optimiser and variable speed drive technology on the air compressor.

The existing compressor had no part load capabilities and was switching between full power and idle regularly, with idle power consumption of 40kW. It was proposed to install a new air-compressor with VSD capability. Operating and installed correctly this could lead to substantial energy savings. Analysis by Southern Cross Compressors, showed a 35% energy saving was achievable. It was also proposed to install a new voltage optimizer reducing voltage to 230 V (a reduction of 12.5V or 5.2%). The combination of these two measures will have a significant benefit on the operations at Sun Ace and lead to consistent and significant energy savings. The two measures could lead to a 13% electricity saving.

Enhar assisted Sun Ace by applying for a $25,000 Capital Funding grant through the Smarter Resources Smarter Businesses Program at Sustainability Victoria.  They were successful in recieving this grant, which reduced their costs by 18%.

The assistance Enhar provided for obtaining capital funding under the Victorian State Government's SRSB Energy and Materials Program was very professional and of a high standard. Enhar accepted the challenge to work within a very short time frame in order to meet the approaching application deadline. I am now happy to announce that Sun Ace (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is on the 2014 list of capital funding recipients for energy efficiency projects. I have therefore no hesitation in recommending their services to other prospective grant applicants.

Guenter Fischer
Production Manager
SunAce Pty Ltd


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