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City of Moreland

City of Moreland
  • Project: Micro Generation feasibility, tender documention and evaluation at multiple council facilities

Micro Generation feasibility and tender specification and evaluation at Multiple Council Facilities

The project comprised a feasibility assessment and tender documentation for micro generation opportunities, at 14 council operated facilities.  The scope included solar PV installation, small wind and hybrid solar thermal/PV systems.

City of Moreland have several excellent sites for solar generation including some sites which can accommodate systems in the 100-200kW range.  A detailed review of load profile data and hourly solar outputs was conducted to recommend optimum solar system sizing and increase the accuracy of the financial model.

Detailed site specific assessment included on site shading measurement, roof constraint analysis, structural capacity, electrical infrastructure and recommended system layouts.  Financial assessments and 3-D layout images for various sized systems were completed at each site within the feasiblity assessment.

In addition, research and detailed specifications to ‘raise the bar’ for quality installation and workmanship were developed in consultation with City of Moreland and its procurement team.  In addition, alternative metering arrangements, retailers and virtual net metering opportunities specific to solar were investigated, as well as assessing the suitable and financial aspects of battery storage.


Detailed tender documentation was provided by Enhar for eleven of the systems.  The documentation included detailed site specific site briefs outlining all applicable site constraints and installation details, as well as general technical specifications to ensure high quality solar panels, inverters, framing and installation.

Two systems have been tendered with a total capacity of 170kW, and Enhar provided tender evaluation services.

The tender documentation has ensured quality products and quality installation teams with pricing well below projected project budgets.  In addition the tender documentation and Enhars recommended tender schedules minimised required addenda during the tender period and allowed for easy comparison between tender submissions.


Enhar successfully delivered a comprehensive micro generation feasibility study for Moreland City Council in 2014. Additionally we asked Enhar to deliver detailed designs for commercial scale PV systems across 11 of Councils high profile buildings. We were most satisfied with the product Enhar delivered and the thoroughness and professionalism demonstrated by their project team.

The work has underpinned Stage 4 of Councils Carbon Management Strategy - Renewable Energy Production, which enables Council to pursue cost effective solar PV installations for future programs.

Stuart Nesbitt - Climate Change Technical Officer, Moreland City Council

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