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Solar Design and Grid Application

Take the hassle out of grid approval, reduce project risk and ensure your system complies with DNSP requirements by using Enhar's grid connection, engineering design and commissioning services for your solar PV grid connect, hybrid and standalone systems.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with DNSPs throughout Australia, our quick response times, our personalised service and our expert installer assistance through installation and commissioning.  

Grid Connection Management & Approvals


Detailed Design & Engineering

  • Quick response times, personalised service, expert knowledge of all DNSP's, reduction of project risk.
  • Completion of all required studies including AC schematics, voltage rise study, protection schematic and required technical report including grading study.
  • Management of all paperwork, correspondance and technical issues with the DNSP on your behalf to ensure a hassle free process for your project.
  • Management of the grid connection process from pre-approval to final grid connection approval
  • Experience with all DNSP's.  Our technical engineering team works alongside each state's relevant electrical distributors to provide an end to end service to gain grid connection approval for commercial solar PV projects.
  • Proven track record in obtaining connection agreements for both agreed export and non-export ‘behind the meter’ projects for all Australian distributors, as well as approvals and detail design for complex commercial solar PV/battery hybrid systems.
  • Understanding that the grid connection process can be onerous and aiming to keep our clients informed throughout the connection and approval process.
  • Our team of CEC accredited designers and electrical engineers can assist with all small to large-scale commercial solar and hybrid technical designs to suit our client’s needs.
  • We offer a full-suite of services including roof, panel and string layouts, AC, DC and protection SLDs and schematics, metering, simultation models, framing and balance of system requirements.
  • Our team also have substantial experience with structural building and framing certification to ensure all engineering and project risks are minimised.
  • We have partnerships with a range of switchboard builders around the country to ensure that all designs are seamlessly manufactured without fuss.  We will arrange for quotations direct from the board builder for you.
  • Our team of CEC accredited Engineers have experience and a comprehensive knowledge on how to create designs, schematics, simulations, models and detailed designs for solar, storage and hybrid projects in line with current standards.

Tender Responses


Commissioning Testing

  • Detailed tender engineering, design & documentation assistance for any solar and storage tenders you may be bidding on in a timely manner while taking your feedback and requirements into account.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of solar PV tendering and procurement to our tender response services, helping to give your bid the winning edge.
  • Experienced team bringing a mix of skills that ensures that you can demonstrate why your proposal should be selected ahead of your competitors.
  • Proven history as solar tender assessors and managers, let us write submissions that resonate with your client and ultimately provides your business with a higher evaluation score.
  • Specific industry and regional knowledge, creating all technical drawings and professional responses required to secure desired contracts.
  • An independent perspective to your submission and view your offer from alternate perspectives.
  • Team of technical specialists can advise what technical documents and drawings should be specified as well as additional requirements such as OH&S and traffic management plans that meet all regulations.
  • Commissioning/Test report including witness testing, injection testing and power quality monitoring services to ensure successful system energisation and project handover, by our team of CEC accredited electrical engineers and electricians
  • Commissioning testing anywhere in Victoria and co-ordination of testing with partners in other states.
  • Technical support to navigate the complicated commissioning requirements set out by each DNSP.
  • Independent post installation audits to ensure compliance with Australian Standards, detailed design, project specifications and best practice.
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