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Solar Feasibility and Tendering

Reduce project risk with expert assessment of technical and financial viability, detailed project specification and independent request for tender services.

Feasibility and Business Case


Design and Documentation

Enhar has extensive experience in scoping and feasibility case development for solar PV systems, battery hybrid systems and off-grid systems, Including:

  • Technical assessment of building and electrical constraints
  • Idenitfication technical risks such as electrical upgrades, roof replacement works, safe roof access/hardware and grid connection constraints
  • Electricity tariff and government subsidy availability
  • Hourly solar yield modelling using PVsyst or Helioscope   
  • Hourly analysis of electrical load profile and solar yield 
  • Concept designs and image rendering for review by all stakeholders
  • Recommendation on suitable products (inverters, panels, monitoring, framing)
  • Business and financial case of various site design options, accurately assessing CAPEX, income/savings and OPEX over 25 year project life

Reduce project risk and variation claims with detailed design drawings and specifications for issue in a request for tender.  Enhar can provide: 

  • Detailed, scaled roof layout drawings cleary outlining panel orientation, roof offsets and access requirements
  • Rendered solar PV drawings including realistic viewpoint imagery
  • Detailed AC/DC electrical single line diagrams (SLDs) and grid protection schematics
  • Inverter station drawings and locations
  • Solar framing schematics and roof connection details
  • Detailed site layout outlining location of inverters, switchboard and safe roof access.
  • Detailed project general specifications and scope of works to ensure quality products, quality installers and compliant installations
  • Full grid connection application or preliminary enquiry
  • Management of structural approval to reduce project risk

Tender Documentation and Management


Tender Management and Evaluation

Detailed specification and request for tender documentation, ensuring quality design, installation, products, 'apples for apples' comparison and de-risking complex solar projects.  Enhar provides: 

  • Solar specific tender returnable schedules to ensure adeqaute information is provided by the tenderers; ensuring fair and thorough technical review of tender submissions
  • Solar specifc request for tender documentation 
  • All appropriate design documentation, photos and site drawings
  • Design and installation briefs outlining all site specific constraints, installation times, shutdown periods, safety requirements and site specific requirements
  • Full tender management including advertising, response to questions and presence at tenders inspection meetings.

Independent tender evaluation from CEC accredited electricians, electrical engineers and solar project managers:

  • Thorough technical review of tender submissions
  • 100 point tender evaluation service including assessment of company experience and team, product quality (panels, inverters, framing, balance of system) and installation/design methodology
  • Colour coded evaluation output for each tenderer
  • Review of compliance with specification and Australian Standards
  • Review of inclusions and exclusions
  • List of technical questions and tenderer clarifications
  • Tender negotiation 
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