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Solar Management and Compliance

Best practice independant 'Owners Engineer', quality assurance and compliance services for solar PV and solar hybrid projects ensuring the system is designed, engineered, installed and maintained to Australian Standards, project specifications and best pracitce.  Solar PV is big investment, ensure a quality outcome and employ Enhars indpendant expert team of CEC accredited electricians, engineers and project manangers.      

Previous projects and clients have included various Universities, Local Councils, Water Authorities, Schools, Hospitals, Private Customers and Solar Providers.

Detailed Design Review


Owners Engineer and Superintendent

Engineering review of contractors detailed design and documentation, or inhouse design to ensure:

  • Compliance with Australian standard, project specifications and site constraints
  • Compliance with DNSP requirements and controls and Clean Energy Regulators requirements
  • Roof top layout compliance inlcuding compliance with structural certification, existing/proposed safe roof hardware, panel/isolator access and normal roof maintenance access
  • Inverter/Solar DB mounting and location compliance
  • Grid protection and export control compliance 
  • Switchboard connection compliance and switchboard upgrades/extensions 
  • Balance of system compliance, mechanical protection and installation 
  • OHS and roof access compliance 
  • Independantly review contractor performance estimate
  Solar PV project management and owners engineer services, providing independent and experienced solar quality management: 
  • Regular on-site inspections to review installation compliance, OHSE and installation progress
  • Review, advise and manage installation defects 
  • Review, advise and approve design alterations during implementation  
  • Review, advise and approve progress claims, variation claims and extensions of time
  • Site stakeholder communications and management
  • Ensure design, installation and commissioning are in compliance with Australian Standards, project specifications and best practice
  • Post installation auditing and defect management
  • Review and approve 'as-built' drawing and O&M manuals 
  • Ensure system is switched on and grid connection approval is recieved 
  • Provide certificate of practical completion

Post Installation Audit


Monitoring and Maintenance

Detailed post installation auditing by CEC accredited electrican: 
  • Installation compliance with Australian standards, project specifications, tender/quotation and best practice
  • Products are in compliance with tender/quotation, approved design, Australian Standards and are on the CEC approved list of products
  • Roof level inspection inlcuding inspection of roof attachement, isolator enclosure and combiner boxes, inspection of wiring fixings, protection and connections
  • Inverter inspection including suitability and compliance of weather protection, installation manual compliance, physical inverter mounting, electrical connections and labelling 
  • Solar DB and swtichboard inspection and compliance    
  • Themal imagary of modules, module connectors and isolators 
  • Documentation, as-built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals are in compliance and are accurate
  • Consice, colour coded audit report inlcuding photos, clear description of defects and reccomended for corrective measures 
  • Defect rectification if required
  Management, monitoring and maintenance of the solar asset, to ensure your asset is performing,  providing:
  • Independent verification of solar production commensurate with weather data
  • Monthly solar yield and falut reporting by our expert team
  • Reactive maintenace, quick response and rectification of faults and underperformance issues by our CEC accredited team
  • Preventative Maintenace by our CEC accredcited electricians (as requried)
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